TRDC is for
Troitsk Research and Development Center

We are located in Troitsk, in New Moscow, where we design and manufacture equipment for the semiconductor sector, bioanalysis, and research laboratories.
TRDC was founded
in 2013
Our team has grown to more than
more than 60 employees
The work of mechanical designers at the Troitsk Research and Development Center
We take innovative, high-tech projects through the entire life cycle,
from concept and design to engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance.
Our engineers are master professionals
of 3D modeling and fabrication, optical circuitry, electronics, firmware, and user-facing software interfaces.
Development of electronic systems at the Troitsk Research and Development Center
We collaborate with teams of scientists from leading research centers.
We build engineering solutions that bring the most ambitious ideas into reality.
We built our own prototyping workshop
to help bring our devices to market faster. Our facility is certified under the ISO9001 Quality Management System standard.
Production of complex-shaped parts on CNC machines at the Troitsk Research and Development Center
Our core business areas are
optical metrology and bioanalytics.
We developed and brought to market a family of ultrabright, laser-driven plasma light sources for the microelectronics industry.

Our light sources produce continuous radiation in a wide spectral range, from UV to infrared, with high stability and long lifetime. They are typically used in semiconductor metrology for blank and overlay inspection, ellipsometry, and other measurements, as well as many other applications.
Our high-tech devices are used by leading companies across Asia, Europe, North America, and the CIS.
In the field of bioanalysis we create devices for diagnosing infection in various mediums such as air, water, and biomaterials.
Our key molecular diagnostics technology is based on microfluidics. Microfluidics enables you to seamlessly preparate samples and conduct analysis in a single device — the microfluidic PCR cartridge. These innovations allow TRDC bioanalytics tools to be extremely compact and work well with automation.

TRDC Portfolio

In eight years we have developed more than 40 high-tech devices. Here are a few of them.