Compact TroSpec EF spectrometer

Compact spectrometer with fiber-optic input and flexible choice of CCD type
The internal product team decided to develop a competitive spectrometer with the ability to quickly customize the spectral range to meet customer needs. Spectrometers are used in analysis systems for a variety of substances, from paints in paintings to star clusters, with the range required for analysis determined by the subject matter.
We made a modular design to unify the development of different spectrometer specifications.
The electronics was divided into two boards: a control board, which was the same for all detectors, and an interface board, with components changing in different detectors.
Thus, we provided an opportunity to quickly develop devices of the required configuration and use different CCDs (charge-coupled devices) or CMOS lines without any changes in the design.

With the best resolution without "noise" in the measurement required, we chose the vertically symmetric Ebert-Fasti optical Z-symmetry scheme for these spectrometers. It is less sensitive to scattered light, thereby providing high sensitivity with low noise and no glare on the photodetector.
We made the collimator and camera lens reflector on a single spherical substrate, making the mechanical assemblies simpler.

Z-shaped design makes the spectrometer quite compact — 8.5x8x15 cm, allowing one to place it more conveniently inside a system filled with equipment. For the same purpose, we made an "outer" and "inner" housing: if it is necessary to fix the device inside another housing, there is no need for rigid protection — and it is possible to remove the outer housing, making the device even a centimeter smaller.

We use CCD and CMOS as photodetectors in the TroSpec EF series spectrometers. In order to install photodetectors from different manufacturers into the spectrometers, we developed several interface boards.
Overall, the TroSpec EF can cover the spectral range from 190 to 1100 nm. With diffraction gratings from 300 to 3600 pc/mm, the possible inverse linear dispersion range is 42 to 0.75 nm/mm. Such parameters are suitable for applications in absorption, emission, fluorescence spectroscopy, color analysis, flow cytometry, chromatography.
For convenient integration, the spectrometer is powered from the USB bus, which is also used for control.

A user friendly Windows software was written that records, stores, and processes the spectra obtained. Also, DLL libraries were added to integrate the spectrometer into the user’s software.
The product line of compact TroSpec EF UV-VIS-IR spectrometers based on the vertical Z-shaped symmetrical Eberts-Fastie layout was produced at the Troitsk Engineering Center from 2016 to 2021.

The possibility of replacing the gratings and the wide range of focal lengths makes the spectrometer a flexible tool for multipurpose measurements in a wide range of applications.
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